Research to measure level of corruption is a daunting task and need a good tool in order to get a good result. The main reason why it is extremely hard to measure corruption is because of the nature of the phenomena itself, which is by default will never conducted openly, often concealed very effectively. Perpetrator would not openly give information to researcher, whereas victim of corruption often don’t realize that they are actually victimized.

Survey on perception is one of the ways to overcome the obstacle on researching corruption. Choosing correctly the respondents that we would like to ask about their perception, we can gather valuable information on corruption phenomena, and that is exactly what Indonesia Corruption Perception Index (Indonesia CPI) survey were designed to do. In this third survey conducted by Transparency International Indonesia (TI-Indonesia), we gathered information from 2371 respondents in 50 cities around Indonesia. The respondents were divided into three categories, businesspersons; local civil society figures, and public officials.

Compared to the Indonesia CPI survey conducted in 2004 and 2006, TI-Indonesia added more cities and sample. But most importantly, the addition is based on the more refined research design. The research design as well as questionnaires is designed by TI- Indonesia researchers, supported by corruption measurement expert from Transparency International Secretariat from Berlin. The refinement of the design was aimed to give much more reliable index which can be used by stakeholders in corruption eradication effort or public. Corruption measurement index will always be useful for government institution like the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to set the priority of corruption eradication. Local government measured in this survey can use the index as a point to evaluate their achievement in curbing corruption.

In addition, this survey also gave information regarding prevalence level of bribe in 15 public institutions in Bribery Index.

The survey is part of a project Indonesia Corruption Perception Index 2008: In-depth Analysis and Corrruption Perception Survey in key cities in Indonesia supported by American community through the Millennium Challenge Corporation and USAID. This report could not be produced without the contribution of certain people. We would specially thanked Juanita Riano from Transparency International, who helped TI- Indonesia policy and research department in the workshop on designing the research. We also thank Mrs. Jenny Putri Tanan and her colleague from PT Karya Utama Integritas who helped us in conducting the survey on the field. We would like also to thanks Prof. Dr. Mayling Oei-Gardiner, Rezki Wibowo, Soraya Aiman, Vidya Dyasanti and Aida Fitri for their continuous support in the whole project.

We hope that this publication can give benefit to the country never ending struggle to fight corruption. 

Transparency International Indonesia

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